Melo Audio | Tone Shifter
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Tone Shifter 3

The world's first set with audio interface, MIDI controller in a product.

By the helps of software effects,it meets the needs of guitar

practice,performance and recording.

Diversified power supply interface

Tone Shifter controls the phone or tablet software effects

do not need an external power supply except

the phone power supply.

Rich audio interface

As a guitar audio interface,

Tone Shifter 3 has 2 input / 4 output

Including independent left and right input and

independent left and right output and Hi-Fi headphone output

In addition, it has independent

input / output gain / volume adjustment,

fully meet the needs of individuals or small music studio.

Integrated MIDI control pin

The integrated MIDI control pin on the product

allows zero-delay switching by stepping on the foot.

●2 int 4 out: with stereo headphone output and R / L line output

●full independent input and output

●Input and output gain adjustment

●16bit / 48KHz recording and playback

●Support guitar and other instruments directly input

●Supports microphone input

●Built-in headphone amplification

●Support ASIO, WDM, MME drive

●Support Windows and Mac operating system

●Supports a variety of audio software

●Hardware devices that support MIDI-IN interfaces

Main features
software support
hardware support
Small size

You can easily put the guitar bag inside the pocket